the workout

Sweat Garage is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in a fun, positive, motivating class. The workout combines treadmill running with dumb bells, kettle bells, slam balls, jump ropes, resistance training and functional movements into timed intervals. Every day targets different muscle groups so you can sustain a multiple day, back-to-back schedule without overworking your body.

the philosophy

Our goal is for you to have fun during the workout, and leave feeling great. The intention is never to crush you, but to always challenge, engage, inspire, and motivate you. Sweat Garage’s unique results-oriented HIIT program allows someone at any fitness level to work at their own pace and push as hard as they want – all as part of a welcoming and friendly community. Stretching your boundaries is encouraged, but pushing past your limits is not.

the community

Our community of #sweatyfriends is why we love what we do! Here’s what they have to say:
Best workout in LA! The best trainers, runs, floor work, and community in town. I’ve had nothing but incredible experiences here.” -Bella P.
“I still remember my first Sweat Garage class like it was yesterday…. 9 months later, I never would have imagined what a positive impact SG has had on my life.  First, I have lost 50 lbs of fat.  Before SG I had tried every single workout in town; from Crossfit Hollywood, Gold’s, 24 Fitness… Even Barry’s.   Nothing seemed to work and keep me motivated to come back day after day. At SG, I instantly felt like I was home.” -Meg F.
“This is an excellent studio for someone who is serious about getting into shape. I agree with what others have said;  they push you but in a respectful manner. Added bonus, great music.” -Ali M.
“I do a lot of these HIIT workouts (Barry’s, Burn etc) and this one offers the most personalized attention. I frequently know my form is off in weights (especially arms) as I’m a newbie, and this is the only class where my form is being corrected – and in a positive uplifting way – so I can get the best results.” -ClassPass review